Are You Moving Overseas?

Moving is a stressful experience. But moving overseas can be even more stressful! Although Good Stuff Moving cannot move with you in an airplane, we can help you by thinking about the following items to make your move more successful:

1. What are you packing and what are you leaving behind?

  • What things are irreplaceable or cannot be purchased in your new location? Be sure to pack these items.
  • Are there special, personal items that you would like at your new destination? Think about this before deciding to get rid of things or not.
  • If you are downsizing, remember that you want to bring less than more!

2. What are your moving logistics?

  • Are you moving for a temporary time or permanently? If permanently, you will need to get rid of or give away some of your belongings. If you are simply looking to have things held for a short period of time, contact us and we can provide you with some references on where to store your belongings.
  • Do you need to speak with both airports and their Customs departments prior to leaving? This could iron out some kinks now versus later.

3. Finally, do you need more packing help? We can certainly provide advice on what to pack and how to do to maximize space and protection for your belongings.

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