Complete Packing Service Moving Company, Twin Cities MN

Moving is an extremely stressful situation without even including the moving part! Changing your adress, cancelling utilities, setting up utilities, transferring school records for your children, contacting your bank, the list of things to do is endless. Why not take a load off your plate, and let Good Stuff Moving handle your moving needs from start to finish. Complete packing, moving, and unpacking, all handled by us. No need to get boxes, no need to load all your items into boxes, the whole mess is in our hands!

Good Stuff Moving can help you save time and focus on your other needs when moving. We have uniformed and fully trained employees, along with clean trucks and proper equipment. We guarentee to be ON TIME for your move, and guarentee your property will be treated right. If you are looking for a complete packing service moving company, or just a moving company, contact Good Stuff Moving today or visit our website. 651-488-4808.

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