December Moving in Minnesota

As most people are aware, December is typically NOT the best month to move in Minnesota. Snow, cold, ice- these are all factors in Minnesota’s beautiful winter. But not this year! If you had to move in December, this is definitely the year to do it. We are looking at breaking records as we inch toward 2012! Here are a few fun facts from the Minnesota Public Radio website:

+6.9 degrees December temps vs. average at MSP Airport

8.6″ snowfall so far this season at MSP Airport

-11.4″ vs. average snowfall to date at MSP

1″ approximate total snowfall potential next 16 days according to GFS model output

14.2″ least snowiest winter on record at MSP (1931-’32)

January 15th midpoint of “meteorological winter”

40+ degrees possible New Year’s Eve, January 5th & January 11th!

So did you move this December? We have been enjoying the mild weather, dry boots, and warm hands. Our sleds have been collecting dust though. Mother Nature, feel free to give us some of that white stuff any time! If you need help moving this winter, contact us for a free quote!

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