How to Save Money with Good Stuff Moving

Here at Good Stuff Moving, we strive to offer the most affordable rates possible. Moving can be expensive before adding in the cost of a moving service, and we understand that. We believe that the value our service contributes to your move far outweighs the cost. We will save you time and energy, and will give you peace of mind that your possessions will arrive to their destination safely!

While we believe all our rates are competitive and affordable, we do offer mid-month discounts and an hourly rate option to help you save even more money.

Mid-month discounts: the very beginning and very end of each month tend to be the most popular times to move. If your moving dates are flexible, you can take advantage of our mid-month discounts. We are pleased to offer this discount period to our customers.

Hourly rates: if you need some extra help, but can do the light lifting yourself, hire us hourly to help you move the big stuff. This is a great service if you are moving a short distance, are using your own vehicle for the small stuff, and/or have additional help for part of your move. Hourly rates are great when you need to save some money (and also save your back!)

If you are planning an upcoming move, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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