Is Your House Ready for Another Winter Season?

Winter really is justWinterize your house around the corner.  Some areas of the country have already seen snow falling along with the temperatures. So now is the perfect time to get a few things done around the house to prepare for the upcoming winter season.  We compiled some of the top tips from experts in the home repair and handyman industry to get you started.

Take care of the yardwork

Outdoor yardwork usually involves raking leaves and trimming flowers and bushes back.  Don’t forget to empty your containers like flower pots, window boxes and planters.  The extra moisture in the soil freezes which can cause the containers to crack in the cold. Storing them indoors is best.  Fall is also a great time to reseed your lawn and fertilize to ensure a strong start in the spring.  Experts say that it’s ok to add fertilizer treatment to your lawn right up until Thanksgiving.

Tips for preparing the outside of your house

Empty garden hoses and turn off outdoor spigots.  If you have an irrigation system for the lawn be sure to schedule a fall shut down appointment with an irrigation professional.  Be sure to check gutters and clean any debris or mold.  You don’t want to be climbing a ladder in the middle of winter to fix a clogged gutter.  And remember to inspect your chimney. Experts recommend that it be sealed every five years regardless of whether its brick, stone or cement.  And when it comes to patio furniture your best option is to store it indoors.  If that is not possible be sure to cover it with a breathable cover and secure it in case of high wind conditions.

Tips for getting the house ready indoors

Windows are often a significant source of heat loss in winter.  Among the options that experts recommend are using foam or latex caulk to seal gaps around window edges and sills.  For older windows plastic shrink wrap can be applied using a hair dryer to windows that will stay closed for the season.  Changing out your old thermostats for programmable models will allow you to regulate the temperature more consistently and save up to 20 percent in heating costs.  Insulating pipes and your water heater are also affordable ways to save money on heating.  The insulation helps keep the heat in the pipes and water heater longer so it won’t have to run as frequently.

These are just a few of the suggestions we found for getting your home ready for winter.  Be sure to check sites like the Consumer Energy Center, Better Homes & Gardens, Kiplinger and BobVila for more helpful information.
What’s your best tip for winterizing your home?  Share your ideas in the comments below.

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