It’s Almost The End of the Month – And You’re Moving!

St. Paul Minnesota Moving Tips To Make That Move Go Smoothly

It’s that time of month again.  People are getting ready to move, or maybe you’ve already started.  You just didn’t realize that you have collected so many “things” over the years!  Is it so overwhelming that you just don’t know where to start?  We have a few simple rules of thumb that can help in your decision as to “What goes, and what stays”.

Make lists.  Making a list of things you need to do is really useful.  Going through all your things.  Have you really worn that in the last 6 months?  Has Little Johnny played with that in the last year?  Be practical, and lighten the load of what you really need that doesn’t have sentimental value.  There are many charities that can use unwanted toys and clothes.

If it is so overwhelming and you are completely stuck as to where to start.   Visit our website for a whole list of tips, and moving ideas, and services.  We can help you with all your moving needs.  Give us a call 651-488-4808 today for scheduling a move today or to get your questions answered.

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