Moving Over the Holidays

Moving can be stressful at any time. But we understand as an experienced moving company, that the holiday can be especially stressful. That’s why we wanted to let you know that we offer complete packing and unpacking services.

We offer specific packing boxes should you want to pack your belongings on your own. Then, when we arrive at the new site, we can help unpack with direction and guidelines from you. Many of our customers find this service very helpful. Some even comment that it helps make the move less stressful to have professional movers help pack and unpack belongings.

So, instead of stressing out about moving during the holidays, call Good Stuff moving to ensure a smooth, safe and stress-free move. We are here to serve you! Call at 651.488.4808 (or toll free: 866.908.4808) or visit our website now for more information.

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