Planning A Move This Summer?

Good Stuff Moving Has Answers!

The school year has ended, summer is here, and we know from our many years of experience, it is when families often make the decision to relocate.

At Good Stuff Moving, it is our goal to make your move safe, stress free, and a little less complicated, before you sign on the dotted line.  We have been helping folks move for a long time, and throughout the summer, we would like to provide you with helpful ideas, tips, and suggestions for a safer and smoother move.

Because there are many kinds of moves, you will find that moving is not “just moving”.  There as many different kinds of moves as there are people.  Every person’s situation is unique.

  • Moving with children
  • Moving with pets
  • Moving to college
  • Relocating to a new state
  • Business moves
  • Moving your elderly parents

You name it, we’ve moved it!  It is a good idea to get your questions answered before you choose a moving company.  We would like to start our series with a few tips and moving questions to ask when hiring a moving company.

1)      How do you determine the cost of a move?  Is the estimate based on weight or volume?

2)      Will my things be loaded with someone else’s household goods?

3)      Will my belongings ever be unloaded or transferred?

4)      What is the time transit? Is it guaranteed?

5)      What type of liability coverage or insurance is included?

6)      What is the cancellation policy?

7)      What forms of payment are accepted?

8)      Is a deposit or down payment required?

9)      What options are available?

10)   How long have you been in business?

11)   How do you price for additional services?

12) Do they belong to the Better Business Bureau?

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Please come back for more helpful ways to improve your next moving experience.

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Mark your calendars for moving day!

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