Short Notice Movers of Minnesota

Good Stuff Moving is Minnesota's moving company

Good Stuff Moving is Minnesota’s moving company

Good Stuff Moving is Minnesota’s premier moving service and moving company. Based in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area, we help families and businesses move their homes, apartments, and offices.

Occasionally we are contacted by a frantic couple or business owner who desperately needs to hire a moving company in a short period. Ideally potential clients will schedule their moving company months in advance, thus giving the people moving a greater peace of mind while planning this exciting time of their lives. But Good Stuff Moving is more than happy to help people move on such short notice.

One of the ways Good Stuff Moving differentiates ourselves from our competitors is that we offer multiple ways for you to hire Good Stuff Moving. Most moving companies focus on one or two packages, most of which involve two guys and a truck coming in and moving all of your furniture. But Good Stuff Moving does things a little differently:

Option # 1 Furniture Only. Have Good Stuff Moving move your big heavy furniture. We show up, you tell us which furniture items you need moved where and in what order, we will move them, and then you are on your way! For those who are pressed on time, this may be one of the most convenient options, as Good Stuff Moving can come in and move your furniture within an hour.

Option # 2 Furniture and Boxes Only. Pack your household goods into boxes and move the small / misc. items over yourself. This option is great for college students who are moving into their first apartment and need to move out of their dorms on the same day.

Option # 3 Everything moved! Pack your goods into boxes and have Good Stuff Moving move everything in your house. Obviously this is the most traditional moving package offered by moving companies. If you are pressed for time and need movers on a short notice, this option may not work for you; best to call in as soon as you can to check availabilities.

Option # 4 Full Service Moves. Have Good Stuff Moving complete a full service pack and move for you. Definitely not an option for short notice moves, but call us to schedule as soon as you can. Note that special rates apply to Full Service Moves and you must have an onsite estimate done ahead of time.

Option # 5 Labor only. Hire Good Stuff Moving to load or unload your truck. Definitely the quickest option for short term moves. Are you driving into Minnesota from out of state? Give us a call while you are driving in and we, schedule permitting, will meet you at your new home or office and help you unload.

If you need short term movers in Minnesota, give Good Stuff Moving a call first. We’ll help you out!

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