Spring Moving Tips from Good Stuff Moving

Spring Moving Tips from Good Stuff Moving

Spring Moving Tips from Good Stuff Moving

For most of the country, it’s spring time! Here in Minnesota we still have to deal with the occasional snow and ice storm, but we are also getting our fair share of warmer spring days. Spring is also one of the busiest times of the year for moving companies. Many couples and families use the exciting sense of newness spring brings to make changes in their life. It’s a time for new opportunities and new adventures!

If you are planning a move this spring, Good Stuff Moving has a few helpful tips and suggestions to help you maximize your spring moving experience:

1 – Pack Your Winter Materials First. It’s spring! That means chances are you won’t be needing those heavy winter coats anymore. Select and label a box for all your winter apparel items, such as hats, gloves, and scarves. Consider using another box for “Spring/Fall Clothing”, filled with rain jackets and sweaters. If you are hiring a moving company or renting a moving van, stick items such as shovels and snow plows in the front, because when you unload at your new place you will be putting all winter equipment straight into storage.

2 – Carefully Pack Any Spring Blooming Plants. Plants are one of those things that people tend to forget about until the last minute. Most plants are easily transportable, but be sure to pack them in a fashion and in a location that will enable easy access and doesn’t promote flattening. When moving, treat your plants as you would a carton of eggs that you buy from the grocery store.

3 – Carry Around Some Extra Lumber. As the ground thaws and begins to melt, puddles and mud fields start to form. A few 2x4s or sheets of plywood will help keep you from tracking in any extra water or mud into your new house or apartment. But be sure not to leave these pieces of wood or plywood on the ground too long; you don’t want to damage the grass and plants underneath.

Good Stuff Moving’s appointment calendar is rapidly filling up for the months of April and May, but there are still a few choice openings available. Contact Good Stuff Moving today to schedule an appointment with a free moving estimate!

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