Three tips for easier unpacking: Tip #3

Today we will be wrapping up a three part series on Easier Unpacking. Moving into a new home (or office) is the perfect time to get organized and increase your chances of staying organized. If you don’t have a move planned in your near future, or haven’t moved lately, you can also use these tips to get your current space organized.

Tip #1: Pare Down

Tip #2: Give Everything a Place

Tip #3: Unpack Everything!

This is a hard one. It seems so easy to put a few boxes in the basement and ‘unpack them later.’ But the truth of the matter is that probably won’t happen until you absolutely need whatever might be in that box. At that point, you most likely will not remember where that item is, or even what is in those boxes at all. We’ve all had a “where on earth did I put THAT” type of moment. The power goes out and you need a flashlight. You are flying out of the country tomorrow and need your passport. You locked your keys in the car and your husband has spare number 1- you need spare number 2. Your mother-in-law asks you to bring something crazy to the next family reunion and you can’t find your jello mold. Chances are, those items are sitting in an unpacked box or the bottom of a drawer giggling at you running all over your house. You can prevent these things from happening by unpacking everything, and following all three of these steps.

If you get rid of things you no longer need, give the items you do keep a place in your home, and unpack everything, you will be organized and it will be so much easier to stay organized!

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