Tips for distance moving with pets

Moving is stressful for everyone, pets included! Often times pets (especially dogs and cats) get nervous with they notice things happening that are not “normal.” This could begin when the packing starts, when the furniture is being loaded up, or when you get the pet situated in the car. It is important to make your pet comfortable, especially during a long-distance move. Here are a few tips for keeping your furry friend comfortable:

-Be sure and have a water dish and water for the car (even if you only use it during stops.) Tupperware work great for this, and an empty 2 liter bottle or jug with a screw-on lid work great for transporting liquids. Don’t count on rest stops providing clean water.

-Pack more pet food than you think you will need. There may be delays along the way and it is better to have too much food than not enough. Plus, you wont have to worry about unpacking the food right when you arrive at your new home.

-Bring something that is familiar to your pet, such as his/her favorite blanket, pet bed, or toy.

-Always have a leash handy, as well as baggies to dispose of pet waste.

Following these tips will lower stress levels for your pet(s) as well as yourself. If you know you are prepared you will be much more relaxed! Next week we will share a few tips on settling into your new neighborhood with your animals.

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