What to Expect from Good Stuff Moving Movers

Many moving companies have good standards they work towards. They may be licensed, insured and fairly friendly. Here at Good Stuff Moving, we have a higher standard that we work for each day.

Over the last ten years, Good Stuff Moving has been moving families, couples, singles, businesses and more each year with consistent, superior results. We have experience in ensuring that all of your belongings are delivered to your new location with care and caution. Beyond these standards, we are always on time and in identified uniforms. In the last 10 years, we have made over 15,000 moves. And we haven’t missed a single one.

Good Stuff Moving is a local, family owned and operated company that exists to partner with you during a stressful time. We are fully licensed and insured to move your home or business here in the Twin Cities or across country. Please call us today at 651.488.4808 (or toll free: 866.908.4808) so that we can exceed your expectations as a moving company.

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