Winter Moving Experiences

While we are located in St. Paul, Good Stuff is also extremely active in Minneapolis, the greater Twin Cities Metro, Minnesota, and throughout the country.

As mentioned on our FAQ page, the busiest season for a moving company is between May and September, as well as the last week of October. Many of us as children remember moving with our family across states in the cold of winter, and it was a unique experience for everyone. There is just something fun and exciting about bundling up and trucking across states to begin new opportunities in new places! Everything feels new, fresh, and exciting and the winter, and that feeling is rekindled as the snow melts and the world is born anew!

Winter moves aren’t very popular, obviously, but with the right team of professional movers can be a painless and quick process. As Fall winds down and winter begins it’s cold onslaught, we are planning out future moves for customers. We are always looking for new opportunities and potential clients to help with their move.

Why not call for a free quote, or send us an email or message on Twitter? We promise your winter move won’t be an experience you’ll regret!

And have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

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