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Packing Supplies

Being organized is the key when it comes to moving, that is why Good Stuff Moving offers the following moving boxes and packaging supplies. Call if you would like us to deliver some boxes to you (our rates are very reasonable)! Of course, Good Stuff Moving also offers Complete Packing Services.

Below is a list of moving boxes and packaging supplies that we stock:

 Packing Supply List (as of 7/15/15)  Amount
 Small boxes 18x12x12 (for packing heavy items, such as books,
CDs, albums, videotapes, small electronics, etc.)
 Medium boxes 15x15x15 (for packing fragile/heavy items, such as
glassware, crystal, dishes, knick knacks, electronics, etc.)
 Large boxes 18x18x18 (for packing lighter items, such as clothing,
linens, large electronics, garage items, lamp shades, etc.)
 X-large boxes 18x18x24 (for packing light-weight items, such as
pillows, cushions, comforters, lamp shades, etc.)
 Small and Large picture boxes (SM) 36x5x30 (LG) 36×5.5×48
(you can pack 2 to 3 pictures per box. Also for smaller flat panel TVs)
 Small and Large lamp boxes: (SM) 12x12x36 (LG) 15x15x30
(for packing lamps, and other lamp shaped items)
 Wardrobe boxes (for your hanging clothing. Fits approx 2 feet
of hanging clothing per box)
 Flat Screen TV box: (56x8x36) Holds 40 to 55 inch flat screen TVs  $2.00
 Rolls of tape (to tape things, etc.)  $2.00/roll
 Carpet Shield (No charge if you use our moving service)  $20 for 50ft
$50 for 200ft
 Bubble wrap (to wrap crystal, pictures, fragile items, etc.)  $.20/foot
*No used*
 Packing paper (10 LB box. To wrap glasses, crystal, fragile items,
etc. Or use as filler)
*No used*
 Shrink/Stretch wrap (For securing doors/drawers. No charge if
you use our moving service)
*No used*
 Twin, full, queen, king mattress bags: (priced per bag. A King
bed takes two twin bags, and one King bag)
 $5 new/bag
*No used*
 Furniture pads:  $10 per pad
*New or used*
 Speed packs  $20 new
$10 used

Below is a chart to give you an average amount of packaging and moving supplies that you might need for your upcoming move based on what type of residence you are living in:

 1 bedroom apt  2 bedroom apt  3 bedroom apt/den
 small 10-15  small 15-20  small 20-25
 med 5-10  med 10-15  med 15-20
 large 3-5
x-large 2-4
 large 5-10
x-large 4-6
 large 10-15
x-large 6-10
 tape 3-4  tape 4-6  tape 6-8
paper 10 lbs  paper 20 lbs  paper 20-30 lbs
 0 to 1000 sq ft 1000 to 2000 sq ft  2000 to 3000 sq ft  3000 to 4000 sq ft
 small 20-25 small 25-50  small 30-50  small 50-75
med 15-20 med 20-30  med 25-45  med 50-75
large 10-15
x-large 4-6
 large 15-25
x-large 6-12
large 25-35
x-large 12-20
 large 40-50
x-large 20-25
 tape 4-6  tape 6 – 8  tape 8 – 12  tape 12 – 16
 paper 20 lbs paper 20-30 lbs  paper 20-30 lbs  paper 40 lbs

Download Packing Supply List