5 Great Free Apps to Keep You Organized

Smartphones are dominating the mobile industry right now, but the majority of users do not use their phones to their full potential. In fact, many smartphone users don’t use any applications at all! There are many apps that are truly helpful and can change your life. Staying organized can be a challenge when balancing business, family, and life in general. These great and free apps are sure to help you keep things straight!


Evernote is a powerful application that allows you to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see, and then organize and find them by keyword, tag, or text.  Think of this as your virtual everything-notebook.


Zillow is a great free app for anyone looking for a home, looking for information on a neighborhood, or just interested in real estate in general. You can browse listings, learn about neighborhoods, and share and compare home and rental listings.

Grocery Pal:

This is a fantastic app if you prefer to get in and out of the grocery store quickly while saving money. Among other things, this app will organize your grocery list by aisle/department, and will also search for local coupons/cheapest prices for the items on your list.


Mint is a great financial planning and tracking application. Mint securely connects to your accounts (checking, credit cards, bills, etc) and organizes your finances. It tells you when bills are due, what your balances are, and what you are spending money on. It is really great for managing a budget.


Along with technology comes the need to password protect accounts and devices. LastPass helps you create secure passwords, and then remembers them for you so that you don’t have to. Keep your accounts secure and stay sane at the same time!

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