Is 2015 Your Year To Relocate? 3 Tips To Reduce Stress

stress free movingEach year we like to revisit one of our favorite moving topics: stress. We pride ourselves on being a moving company that works hard to take the stress out of moving for our customers. Over the years we’ve found that being organized is the key. Here are a few ideas to help yourself better manage your move and your overall experience.

The indestructible ‘To Do’ list

Let’s start by making a distinction between a packing list and a ‘to do’ list.  Both are important parts of making your move easier.  But an all-encompassing ‘to do’ list is a true power tool when it comes to giving you peace of mind.  It’s best to start creating a ‘to do’ list as soon as possible.  It should be a pretty long list that covers every detail you can think of like cancelling utilities and homecare services, forwarding mail, scheduling your mover, buying packing supplies, holding a yard sale, getting a dumpster if needed and more.  Take the time to include due dates with each task to help keep you on track.

Get help

It seems obvious that we would suggest hiring a mover.  In fact, hiring a mover is one of the top suggestions for reducing the stress of a move.  Even a local, regional or across town move can be nerve wracking.  Hiring a mover that you can trust to be there on time, handle your belongings with care and be professional is a great relief.  And don’t forget to ask friends or family for some help before you move. Getting an outside opinion of what to keep, sell or throw away can keep your sense of overwhelm at bay. A friend can lighten your load and your mood, and provide support with a laugh and a helping hand.

Go with the flow

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”  While being organized is critical to reducing your stress so is being flexible.  Plan extra days or time for the tasks on that ‘to do’ list.  Have a backup plan and think about your options ahead of time. Allowing for some flex in your plan allows you to make adjustments as needed and to stay calm even when chaos abounds. Moving can also be an emotional time for you and your family, friends and colleagues.  Make sure you allow yourself and your family some time to process the changes.

Bonus Tip: Call us as soon as you know that you will be moving. The more notice we have the better. And that will give us plenty of time to stop by and provide a free no obligation quote.


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