Making lawn preparations for fall – some local experts’ advice

This month we’ve taken some time to pull together tips from Zone 4 experts.  Horticultural experts that are familiar with our cold winter temperatures and summer heat.  The Fall of 2012 has been very dry and extra care should taken in preparing our lawns as the ‘rules have changed’ a bit because of the drought.  In fact it’s been since late July since we’ve received more than 1 inch of rain in a day.  Please take the time to click on the links below — you’ll find some ‘good stuff’ and top notch advice.

A trio of blog posts from the University of MN Extension Service offer great advice for our fall lawns and a Gerten’s post helps us with our flower bulbs.  Take a look at the advice these local experts offer to ensure your home is as beautiful on the outside in the spring as it is on the inside.

In this post Sam Bauer, Extension Turfgrass Educator, offers advice that may be a bit contrary to many autumns in Minnesota.

Watering is important – but don’t aerate or stress the crowns of your already dry turf.  There are many normal activities that may prevent a good recovery next spring – read his tips to know the right things to do this fall.

Water, water, water your trees and lawn this fall.

photo: U of MN Extension news

Jean Kuehn, Anoka County Master Gardener, suggests in her article that our trees need extra attention and lots of water and by leaving  a ground cover of leaves may help perennials  to preserve needed moisture until spring and reward you with a showy blooming season.

Catherine Dehdashti from the U of M Extension Office writes that this may be the last weekend to fertilize our lawns.   – She explains why and it has to do with keeping drinking water supplies safe.

We’ve covered your lawn, trees and fertilizing – that leaves flowers.  Gerten’s recommends pulling bulbs to overwinter after exposure to frost.  There are some bulbs that should be up dug now and some very soon — this is a great post you’ll want to print and keep in your potting shed.

We hope you found this expert advice helpful.  Leave a comment and let us know if you have topic you’d like us to post about in the near future.

Next month —  Hiring a handyman — some tips  you’ll will want to keep handy.

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